First Post! First Vlog! Be suitably excited


I’m going to have to think of a snazzier greeting, aren’t I? That’s how this works, right? You have that signature catch phrase that you start/end every post with. We’ll see how it goes. I ended my first Vlog with, “Toddles”, so I guess I have to hope that one doesn’t stick!

Speaking of vlogs (nice segue…oh yeah!) I’m largely here to post my first one. I just uploaded it to my new YouTube channel. I’m very excited about it. It’s about my new haircut. Which I am also super jazzed about.

A brief warning: it’s a bit shaky. I’m trying to decide whether I like doing this, so I’m not buying equipment, just recording from my iPad. This first time I just held it in front of me and yammered on. So if you’re sensitive to unsteady video, you may want to skip this one.

(Ha! The screen capture is both epic, and appropriate for me. Awesome job YouTube!)


About Joli

Welcome to Dustbath Beauty! I'm Joli, and I enjoy making videos and blog posts about beauty, chinchillas, health and random fun. You can expect two things from this blog: Silliness and Chinchillas. Well, chinchillas when they actually choose to cooperate. So expect lots of glaring chinchillas. Don't worry, they'll still be cute even if they're being grumpy.
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