It’s been a month, maybe more, since I’ve been here. So let’s cover all the excuses.

  • I work in a tax office and it’s crazy.
  • Which means I don’t have days off at home to film.
  • My back injury keeps flaring up.
  • When my back hurts, my sleep suffers.
  • When my sleep suffers, I lose my ability to focus.
  • As well as my ability to not be cranky all the time.
  • I keep getting into home projects, mostly to try and keep the girls happy when I have them home on the weekends.
  • Funny story, I tend to overdo it when I’m in project mode. So then my back flares more.
  • I am determined to finish my older daughters blanket that I started over a year ago.

All that. My brain is becoming more and more fried as the season stretches on. It is what it is. I stress out on everyone else’s behalf as well. I need to stop doing that. Of course as soon as the 15th is over I have to launch right into Easter stuff. I do these cookies for the various holidays, so that has to happen. I think the Peep cake, as awesome as it is, is pretty much out because I can’t deal with it. 

Next week I take Bre to a hockey game, and playoffs will start right after as well. Which is all supposed to fun, but right now it’s one more thing on the calendar. It will be fun. So long as I don’t think about it too much in advance. 

As many projects as I try to do, there are always 50 more and it seems like every one started leads to another or adds to another. Which makes me stressed because I just want my house to work already. 

I have a vlog I filmed a month ago but haven’t had the energy to edit it. 

Oh, and it’s my birthday on Saturday! I will be chasing the girls around, possibly while work is being done in the house. Woo.


About Joli

Welcome to Dustbath Beauty! I'm Joli, and I enjoy making videos and blog posts about beauty, chinchillas, health and random fun. You can expect two things from this blog: Silliness and Chinchillas. Well, chinchillas when they actually choose to cooperate. So expect lots of glaring chinchillas. Don't worry, they'll still be cute even if they're being grumpy.
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