On the radar

Here’s another post to let readers know what is going on as well as what is coming up.

Two reasonably big changes are coming up.

The first mostly effects myself. I have a new camcorder and a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements editing software. So the majority of my videos won’t be filmed on my iPad or edited in iMovie any more. I’m in the process of learning how to use both the camera and the software, so it’s a little slow going. For one thing I can’t edit from bed anymore, it’s all the the PC which feel, odd to me since I’ve been using my iPad for almost all non-work related internet stuff. Browsing, posting, and shopping don’t require a desktop. I’ve also been on a much needed vacation for most of last week, and didn’t have a desktop to work on. My plan is to either watch some tutorials and/or buy a dummies book about premiere. I have a bunch of stuff I’ve filmed with the new camera, so I can practice and hopefully have new content available soon.

The second change is that I’m going to be adding a separate blog and YouTube channel focusing on Bath and Beauty posts. I think I want to keep Jolisblog as more of a personal blog, and have a separate place for all the girly stuff. I could just tag different post different ways but I think it will be simpler for me to separate them, and it won’t isolate reader who come for the random and don’t really want to know what kind of makeup I’ve bought recently. I’ll still link back and forth between the blogs, but it will make it easier for readers to choose the content they want to see.

I have one post filmed for the new channel already. It needs editing (see the first paragraph), and I want the first official post to be an introductory one. Sorry to be so vague but I have something cute planned as a bit of a twist for the beauty channel, and I don’t want to spoil it.

Ideally, once I get the hang of everything, I want to do one post a week and alternate between blogs. It’s possible that this blog might get more text posts vs videos so I can have a little more variety. Life updates are fun, but I’d love to do more of the nostalgia based ones like my childhood horse obsession post.

So, that’s what you have to look forward to. Yay!

(I never know how to do sign offs for posts or videos, it always seems to come out awkward.)


About Joli

Welcome to Dustbath Beauty! I'm Joli, and I enjoy making videos and blog posts about beauty, chinchillas, health and random fun. You can expect two things from this blog: Silliness and Chinchillas. Well, chinchillas when they actually choose to cooperate. So expect lots of glaring chinchillas. Don't worry, they'll still be cute even if they're being grumpy.
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