Let’s Spike a Watermelon!

I recently went camping with some of my family at Mt Madonna in California. I’ll have another post with more details and photos, but first I’d thought we’d start with a camping essential; rum spiked Watermelon!

You can spike a watermelon with pretty much any liquor you like, but all the ones I’ve had used some sort of rum. I’ve had them with Malibu and Sailor Jerry’s, but this time I opted for Bacardi Dragon Berry (dragon-fruit and strawberry flavored). I’d thought about using tequila and midori to make it a great big watermelon margarita, but the store I was shopping at didn’t have midori, so I went another route.

Spiking a melon is pretty simple. All you need is a melon, a knife, a spoon, some skewers, and booze.

Start by cut a circular hole in the rind and pulling out the ‘plug’.

Use a small spoon (I used a teaspoon) to scope out some flesh. One or two spoonfuls will do, you’re just making a spot to pour the booze in.

Next grab some skewers of any type. I used bamboo because they’re what I had handy. Take a skewer and puncture the flesh at multiple angles. You’re making channels for the booze to flow through the melon. Just don’t go so overboard that it turns into pulp, or you won’t be able to slice it. (You can go crazy and then just slice the melon in half and hand out spoons, it’s up to you.) The pics I has of this step didn’t turn out, hopefully you get the jist anyway.

Now it’s time to pour in the party! Pour in your liquor of choice a bit at a time. You want to give it time to flow through the channels and start to sink in. My melon was small so it held about half a cup of rum. The bigger the melon, the more you can pour in.

Once it has reached capacity, replace the plug and let it hang out in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Then you’re ready to slice it up and enjoy!


Hope this post was fun (and informative!). Next up should be a life update covering camping, and a bit of a product rant. I did a tour of our yard, but our peach tree fell over today and made me sad. So I either need to refilm, or add on a newer clip. It’s really bumming me out though. Poor tree.


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