Day 2: Ban-Fff-Fff

Sorry for multiple posts in one day, I’m trying to catch up.

Day Two: A Room with a View
Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

“Ban Fff Fff”

Apparently I’m still on motorhome memories spawned by yesterdays prompt. Right now I want to go back in time to a day during that same motorhome trip that ended in the fire. We were traveling westward across Canada and stopped for a day in Banff, which is town in the Canadian rockies. I think it’s a ski town in winter but this was August so there wasn’t exactly powder covered slopes going on.

Anyway, we took a gondola up to this series on walkways, boardwalks really, that snaked through the mountains a bit. It was actually cold enough to wear a light jacket and there was a dusting of snow in some places, as well as some snow caps visible on neighboring peaks. My siblings and I (there are 4 of us) are all in the upper elementary to sophomore in HS ages, but we live in California so seeing any snow made us act like a herd of 5 five years. You know, all goofy, and running from place to place. Hello, there was snow! In August! It’s only ever snowed for ten minutes one winter where we grew up. I was the oldest, but none of my friends were there so heck yeah I was going to act stupid. Is that not why you go on vacation? To see stuff and then act dumb? No, just my family? Whatever, we’re awesome.

The boardwalks themselves were fairly wide, at least 10-12 feet across in most spaces, and made of a lighter wood. Not sure what kind, but it was weathered to the point where it was almost white in appearance. There was a railing on either side, and larger platforms where the views were best. I’m pretty sure that part of it looked out into a valley kind of stuck in the middle of the rocky mountains. I remember giant grey rocks, dark pine trees and a view onto a grassy area. The air was crisp. not quite cold enough to make your nose tingle, but enough to be pleasant and invigorating. There were a lot of squirrels too. The kind of squirrels that are enormous because you know people feed them day in and day despite multiple signs asking them not to.

At one point my Mom snapped a picture of my Dad and I looking out over one of the rails. My mom must have stolen the camera from him because he was taking too many scenery shots. That was a something of a joke in our family; Dad took pictures of scenery and objects, while Mom took pictures of people.

Wait! I just remembered that the photo she took ended up in my HS yearbook. A girl I sat with in history was in charge of doing a page on summer travels and she asked me for something. I just went and found it and I’m cracking up. I’m wearing a mini backpack, and you can only just barely see them, but I’m wearing plaid pajama pants too. Of course I wore PJs up a mountain! I also see that I hand edited the yearbook caption because it claims that I took the photo. Which i obviously didn’t since I’m in it, and my high school self was not going to let that mistake fly! It also reads like we spent the entire vacation in Banff when it was just a one day stop on a month long trip. Anyway, you can see that we were over looking a valley so I remembered that part right at least.


After wandering around and taking in the views, we headed back down the gondola. Our whole family didn’t fit in one of the cars (is that what they’re called?), so my brothers and I rode in one, while my sister took another with my parents. For some reason, my parents decided to entrust the video camera to us for the ride down. Let us get some footage from our point of view. Apparently our point of view entailed using the camera to locate the motorhome in the parking lot, zoom in on it, and giggle a bunch. I’m telling you, my mother had the patience of a saint driving around with us for a whole month.

So that’s what we did on our stop in Banff. Which to this day we pronounce, “Ban. Fff. Fff.” on account of being complete weirdos. I think we also saw some deer by the gift shop. In my brain there is an idea that there is a deer related side story that goes with this particular day but I can’t remember what it is. Maybe there was a herd of them, in the middle of the street or something. Man, I know there is something about deer in strange places but I can’t figure out what it is.

That’s where I’d go. To a fun day with family in which we did some fun things, saw some cool stuff, and generally acted silly. A lot of that trip was like that actually. I’m sure that teenage me did lots of whining in between (in fact I know I did) but it really was a good trip. We have another big family trip coming up in a few weeks. All the siblings, and now several spouses and a few kiddos. My Dad won’t be with us as he passed away a little over a year ago. Maybe that’s why this memory came to me. To remember fun with the whole family as it once was.


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