Day 2: Ban-Fff-Fff

Sorry for multiple posts in one day, I’m trying to catch up.

Day Two: A Room with a View
Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

“Ban Fff Fff”

Apparently I’m still on motorhome memories spawned by yesterdays prompt. Right now I want to go back in time to a day during that same motorhome trip that ended in the fire. We were traveling westward across Canada and stopped for a day in Banff, which is town in the Canadian rockies. I think it’s a ski town in winter but this was August so there wasn’t exactly powder covered slopes going on.

Anyway, we took a gondola up to this series on walkways, boardwalks really, that snaked through the mountains a bit. It was actually cold enough to wear a light jacket and there was a dusting of snow in some places, as well as some snow caps visible on neighboring peaks. My siblings and I (there are 4 of us) are all in the upper elementary to sophomore in HS ages, but we live in California so seeing any snow made us act like a herd of 5 five years. You know, all goofy, and running from place to place. Hello, there was snow! In August! It’s only ever snowed for ten minutes one winter where we grew up. I was the oldest, but none of my friends were there so heck yeah I was going to act stupid. Is that not why you go on vacation? To see stuff and then act dumb? No, just my family? Whatever, we’re awesome.

The boardwalks themselves were fairly wide, at least 10-12 feet across in most spaces, and made of a lighter wood. Not sure what kind, but it was weathered to the point where it was almost white in appearance. There was a railing on either side, and larger platforms where the views were best. I’m pretty sure that part of it looked out into a valley kind of stuck in the middle of the rocky mountains. I remember giant grey rocks, dark pine trees and a view onto a grassy area. The air was crisp. not quite cold enough to make your nose tingle, but enough to be pleasant and invigorating. There were a lot of squirrels too. The kind of squirrels that are enormous because you know people feed them day in and day despite multiple signs asking them not to.

At one point my Mom snapped a picture of my Dad and I looking out over one of the rails. My mom must have stolen the camera from him because he was taking too many scenery shots. That was a something of a joke in our family; Dad took pictures of scenery and objects, while Mom took pictures of people.

Wait! I just remembered that the photo she took ended up in my HS yearbook. A girl I sat with in history was in charge of doing a page on summer travels and she asked me for something. I just went and found it and I’m cracking up. I’m wearing a mini backpack, and you can only just barely see them, but I’m wearing plaid pajama pants too. Of course I wore PJs up a mountain! I also see that I hand edited the yearbook caption because it claims that I took the photo. Which i obviously didn’t since I’m in it, and my high school self was not going to let that mistake fly! It also reads like we spent the entire vacation in Banff when it was just a one day stop on a month long trip. Anyway, you can see that we were over looking a valley so I remembered that part right at least.


After wandering around and taking in the views, we headed back down the gondola. Our whole family didn’t fit in one of the cars (is that what they’re called?), so my brothers and I rode in one, while my sister took another with my parents. For some reason, my parents decided to entrust the video camera to us for the ride down. Let us get some footage from our point of view. Apparently our point of view entailed using the camera to locate the motorhome in the parking lot, zoom in on it, and giggle a bunch. I’m telling you, my mother had the patience of a saint driving around with us for a whole month.

So that’s what we did on our stop in Banff. Which to this day we pronounce, “Ban. Fff. Fff.” on account of being complete weirdos. I think we also saw some deer by the gift shop. In my brain there is an idea that there is a deer related side story that goes with this particular day but I can’t remember what it is. Maybe there was a herd of them, in the middle of the street or something. Man, I know there is something about deer in strange places but I can’t figure out what it is.

That’s where I’d go. To a fun day with family in which we did some fun things, saw some cool stuff, and generally acted silly. A lot of that trip was like that actually. I’m sure that teenage me did lots of whining in between (in fact I know I did) but it really was a good trip. We have another big family trip coming up in a few weeks. All the siblings, and now several spouses and a few kiddos. My Dad won’t be with us as he passed away a little over a year ago. Maybe that’s why this memory came to me. To remember fun with the whole family as it once was.

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Well Hello there

Ive been neglecting this blog for quite sometime. I’ve been focused on my second blog (, which has a beauty focus, but I’m looking to expand it into a health and lifestyle blog as well.

Anyway, I signed up for word press’s Writing 101 course, and am  already miserably behind. Which figures. It’s basically a bunch of daily writing prompts designed to get you writing and blogging on a regular basis. Posting the results is optional, but I figure it doesn’t hurt. I’m putting them here because this blog is more of a personal space without a real focus per say.

Anyway here is the first entry: 20 mins of stream of conscious thoughts

“I’m already behind on this whole writing 101 thing so I”m just going to yell TAX SEASON and leave it at that since it’s my reason for everything I’m behind on these days. That or computer issues. Or my wrist being messed up by me thinking that the time of year where I’m working at a computer the most hours is a good time to see if I can teach myself to knit. Ok, and because of the my little pony app. You play dumb little games but you end up holding the iPad kinda awkward like.

By the way, the wrist thing is my typo excuse for today too. the brace i’m wearing to try and take stress off is a bit tricky to type in. Now I just need an excuse for the other 350 or days days of the year. Truth is I’m just not a great typist. Never have been. I only learned how to touch type when I was 27, before which I was stubbornly committed to the two finger hunt and peck method. I also have smallish hands so I have trouble reaching the shift key sometimes and that mucks me up a lot as well. Between that and the infamous auto-correct, I can come across all but illiterate sometimes.

I probably should have looked at the time before i started. So I’d know when 20 mins is actually up. Oh well, I’ll fudge it. I’m thinking that 20 mins just yammering is going to feel longer than when I end up spending the same amount of time on a comment where I’m really thinking about what I’m saying, and the phrasing and all that. Because those always seem to eat ten times more time than they should. You go in thinking you have a succinct opinion to give and then you end up taking half an hour making sure that what you typed matches what you were thinking in your head, and trying to ward off as many of the ways it could be misconstrued as possible. Which pretty much amounts to a giant unicorn hunt, so at some point you have to just stop yourself, remove about 2 paragraphs from the 2-3 comment you originally intended to write and hit send/comment/return/whatever.

So. things. to write about. I have hedgehog pjs and they are the best ever. I’m wearing them right now. I walked by them at target and they only had maybe 3 and one was my size. It was obviously just waiting for me to get there. I wasn’t even in the pj section it was just across the aisle (just took me three tries to figure out the spelling of that word) where I was shopping for cereal bars. Anyway, next to owls (and chinchillas, and argyle, and the color teal) hedgehogs are one of my favorite things (GUESS WHAT SONG IS IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW!)((I’ll trade brown paper packages tied up in strong for cardboard packages with Sephora printed on them)). It’s a family thing. My Dad grew up in Germany and hedgehogs used to hide in his basement in the winter. When I was in high school, we took this month long road trip through the middle of the US and Canada and we found these little hedgehog toys at the giftshop at Mt Rushmore. My Dad and I each bought one, and he started collecting them from there.

Side story involving the Rushmore Hedgies; We kept the two hedgehog toys on the dashboard of our motorhome most of the time. On the way back home to california the motorhome actually fire. We had just left a rest stop in Oregon where we’d had breakfast. What happened was that the engine threw a tod that hit the fuel line and set the engine on fire. On my whole family ended up on the side of the freeway watching flames shoot out the windows of the motorhome (and making everyone else late for work, the lady at the car rental was a bit overly excited to have us as proof of why she got in late that AM) until the firetruck could get there and douse the flames. One of the hedgehogs did not survive the fire. The other came out half scorched, and half normal. He became the mascot for our next RV. Because we’re odd like that. Even odder: We named it Sinead O’connor . It was the 90’s, just be glad we didn’t pose it with a photo of the pope.

Alright, it is now 20 ins form the time I remembered to actually look at the time about a paragraph in. I would like to have something witty to say in conclusion, but I don’t.

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve been neglecting my blog and youtube channels recently. I have content, but no time to edit properly. Boo. Hiss.

But I was determined to get something up a) by the end of the month, and b) for Halloween.

So here is a brief, and hopefully entertaining post about cookies and an extremely silly video.

Every year I bake pumpkin cookies. It's a tradition in out family. My grandmother made these cookies every year. Always with M&M eyes, a candy corn nose, and a jelly bean mouth.

Every year I bake pumpkin cookies. It’s a tradition in out family. My grandmother made these cookies every year. Always with M&M eyes, a candy corn nose, and a jelly bean mouth.

I bake with a sweatband on because it gets so hot in the kitchen. No one wants sweat on their cookies.

I bake with a sweatband on because it gets so hot in the kitchen. No one wants sweat on their cookies.

These days we deviate from the traditional design. This is my scary clown cookie.

These days we deviate from the traditional design. This is my scary clown cookie.

And now, let the goofiness commence!

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5mins, No Edits: Random Favorites for Aug 2014

Welcome to another edition of 5 mins, no edits. As usual, the only editing done was to add a title and ending.

This one has a five favorites theme, as will the Dustbath Beauty post. Except this video is notably more random.


ON TO THE FUN!      


Thanks for watching!


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Baby Alive – A Crappy Review

Here is another review post for This time it’s a Baby Alive Doll. She has some very interesting features. Just watch and you’ll see.

Baby Alive -This the link to the toy on the toys’r’us website. They don’t have the blonde version, though this one looks less creepy somehow.

$40 for a mess you have to constantly clean up seems kinda steep to me. You can buy a “Super Refill” of the diapers and food for $15, or buy diapers or food in individual sets for $6:50 each.

So you are essentially paying for poop. Poop you then get to flush out after every use while your kids are busy making toilet jokes in the next room. Oh, and they’ll never forget to ask for refills since the doll likes to talk about her own bowel movements.

On the other hand, this may be the next great baby shower/white elephant gift.

I don’t think I can give this my kids, but it has tremendous possibilities for adult gags and hilarity.

“Need to liven up your next dinner party?

Want to humiliate your kids at the next family gathering?

It’s Baby Alive! Guaranteed to reduce your guests into giggling teeangers in just two minutes!”

Ok guys, I need to stop before this gets anymore out of hand. Hope you enjoyed our little trip into immaturity, and have a fantastic day!

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June/July Personal Update

As the title suggests, this is an update for late June and early July.

I’ve had a tailbone injury for 12 years and every so often it causes extra problems in my lower back. It’s been extra painful lately, and I’d been having sciatica like symptoms, so I had to get steroid shots. The bulk of this video talks about the injury and how the treatment affected me.

Followed by the required goofiness at the end, and bonus chinchilla footage.

Hope you enjoy it!

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5 minutes, 0 edits

I’m trying something new. I’m filming for five minutes, and then uploading with no editing other than a title/end photo. (Which explains the extra twelve seconds.)

What do you think?

This way I can get up fast and fun videos on a regular basis.

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